How is it November already?

Honestly, I’m struggling to believe how quickly this year is going and I can’t believe it’s November already. As is getting to be traditional for this time of year, I’m again thinking of attempting BloWriMo.  Two years ago* was the first time I got beyond just thinking, and I didn’t exactly make a big success of it. Still, I decided that, although it probably wasn’t going to be any better this year, I might as well start and see how it goes.  As before, it’ll probably be a bit of an excuse/motivation to make some progress on some knitting/crochet projects (including, hopefully, finishing some items that have been in an “almost done” state for about a year!), getting out and about at weekends and maybe the odd book review.

Wish me luck!

* I’d originally typed last year, which I think is illustrative of my current grasp of the passage of time…

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