…I have:

  • Been to the seaside to eat fish and chips and watch a show on the pier, followed by ice cream before heading home. Add to that the great company and it was almost the perfect seaside outing (it was too cold to eat outside, which would have nailed it).
  • Read lots, by recent standards at least. I’m making good use of my local library at the moment.
  • Paid another trip to the seaside. Better weather (my nose is slightly pink) and lots of cupsĀ of tea watching the sea and the offshore wind farm. Lovely!
  • Tried out my new sandals. Making the most of the appearance of summer, I painted my toenails (navy blue) and finally wore the sandals I bought a month or so ago. They make it look like I only have 4 toes on each foot (my little toe is entirely hidden) but I have hopes that they’ll be comfy.
  • Broke my clothes line (or more specifically the post that one end attaches too). Making the most of the warm, sunny, yet also blustery weather, I thought I’d get lots off things dried and aired. Sadly, I may have over-loaded it, and it’s back to the clothes’ airer.
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