Where does the time go?

The passage of time is a confusing thing and the last few weeks have just sped by. During this time:

  • there was the excitement of the General Election. I went to a local hustings (the first time I’d ever been to one), which I definitely recommend doing. It was interesting to hear the candidates and helped me make up my mind. On the day itself, I voted on the way to work and in the evening settled down to a long night of watching the rexults come in. I’m not known for my love of late nights but amazingly managed to stay up till shortly after 7am, sustained by some crisps, tisanes (I managed it caffeine free!) and a hearty dinner of pie and chips. I did miss the Ed Balls moment (though by that time the writing was on the wall) but there was plenty of human drama throughout the night.
  • Since the election I’m trying to make more of an effort to stay informed, so I’m getting a newspaper more regularly and watching the news (local and national) more often. I’d love to get into watching Newsnight again but it I s on after my bedtime.
  • Work in the garden has progressed slowly. The grass seed has finally started to sprout but there are still substantial bare patches that need to be dealt with. I lost a tomato plant to windy weather, and the others are looking a bit peaky, and a courgette plant to slugs. But the pansies and violas are doing well, some aliums I forgot I’d planted (I asume that I did plant them…) are starting to flower, some existing irises are looking beautiful, and I have hopes that my geraniums will provide a vibrant splash of red.
  • I’ve managed to read a bit more, though I spent a lot of time reading The Little Friend by Donna Tartt, which I really didn’t enjoy.  I also read a couple of Frances Brody crime novels, which were pleasant weekend reading.
  • I’m trying to spend less time faffing in the Internet, as I realised that that’s often the  answer to ‘where did the time go?’
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