End of November review

I think it’s reasonably safe to say that blogging every day in November has been a big fail.

On the other hand, I did manage to finish the crocheted coast blanket (final ends sewn in this afternoon) and the the BSJ (ends sewn in and buttons sewn on this morning). I even managed to make a baby hat in the same yarn to match the jacket (I just hope it’s actually a baby-sized hat – it looks quite large). So I’m calling that a success.  (I’ll try to post some photos, but first I need to take them, and the light is not the best to show them off.)

Over the past month, it’s become apparent that I like the idea of blogging but I don’t make the time actually to do it, so when it comes to choosing how I spend my time it’s clearly not something I prioritise.  On the other hand, it has spurred me to do things I might not have done otherwise, so I’d have something to blog about (even if I ended up not bloggin about it). And to be frank, the knitting on the BSJ would have been done but it probably would still be in a button-less state.  That theory hasn’t always worked as well as I’d have liked though (there were a few knitting projects that have been languishing in an unfinished state for a while that I’d hoped I’d get done so I could post the finished items. Sadly it seems that I really do hate sewing things up.

And despite the general lack of blog posts, I don’t think that the end of November will be the end of the blog. But I won’t be making any promises for when I’ll be blogging next!

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