Not giving up

So much for blogging every day in November…

While I have not been blogging, I have been quite busy doing other things. I managed to follow up my gym session with another, and another, and actually managed three trips a week for the past two weeks. And while I went back to the beginning of couch to 5k for the third time, it’s definitely easier this time and I’m actually almost enjoying running on a treadmill (lighter spectacles makes such a big difference!) For the moment I’m enjoying going back to old  gym/running mixes, but I think I’m going to find some new music to help keep the motivation going. Any suggestions for good music to exercise to?

I also managed a trip to London, where I squeezed in a trip the Natural History Museum (probably my favourite building) and the dinosaurs (but my goodness, SOOOOO busy. I did manage to say hello to the Sequoia though), the Tate Britain for the Turner Prize exhbition (polite verdict: if I’d had to pay entry – I have Tate membership – I would have felt ripped off), and the National Gallery for the Late Rembrandt exhibition (which was MUCH better) and a rather lovely afternoon tea, with scones, cream and homemade jam. The Rembrandts were much lighter and brighter than I’d expected, by the lack of greens and blues is notable. I can’t help but wonder how different they  looked when they were new.

I’ve also made good progress on my knitting and crocheting projects. In fact, thanks to the train journey to and from London, the BSJ is done barring a couple of ends to sew in and buttons to sew on; I even have the buttons:

Cute little buttons

Cute little buttons. And some sock yarn, because it was only £1 a ball

I only need 5 buttons, so I’ve got to select which combination works best. The blanket is also nearly done, I just need to doing some neatening up of the edge try to stop the border from curling.

Hopefully I’ll find a better balance between doing things that I can blog about and blogging about them over the coming week.

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