Work in progress Wedn… um Thursday

Yesterday evening didn’t quite work out as I’d planned so sorry that this post is a day later than intended.

Anyway, moving on, what is this heap of soft, grey loveliness?

Firth o' Forth knitting in progress

Lovely soft grey lace knitting in alpaca/merino yarn

It’s my in-progress knit, Firth o’ Forth by Kate Davies, a long-line, loose-fitting cardigan with a lace pattern inspired by oysters. It’s knitted in an absolutely lovely yarn, Great British Yarns Yomper Laceweight, a 70% merino, 30% alpaca blend that’s just delightfully soft and very enjoyable to knit with (though winding the three skeins into balls wasn’t quite so fun). I started it in the summer and it made a great holiday travel knit, lots of knitting for not much volume or weight, and I have knitted a lot of the body. However, I hit a bit of a snag when it came to dividing for the armholes when I couldn’t get the stitch counts to add up, but I’ve decided how to proceed. Unfortunately I’ve somewhat lost my momentum and other projects have moved in to fill the void. I do really want to be able to wear it this winter though, which means that I need to get back to work on it before I forget what I’m doing!

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