Greenish fingers

Today has been spent mostly gardening. I had lots of bulbs to plant, as well as some violas, pansies, wallflowers, and other plants whose name now escapes me and I’d planned an early start (by which we are to understand ‘early for a Sunday’ as opposed to actually early), so waking up to pouring rain was not the start I was looking for. Luckily it did ease off, giving me almost 6 hours before it got dark and most of that was spent in the garden, with a couple of breaks for much needed tea and sustenance. I dug, dibbled and troweled. I washed, swept and cleared out gutters. It was all tremendously fun, if very muddy, though how much is destined to survive and grow is another question. It will also be a small sort of miracle if I’m not too stiff to walk tomorrow. (No photos as it was too dark when I’d finished for them to come out. Take my word for it that it looks better!)

To cap off an industrious day, I tried out a new recipe: pasticcio, the Dairy Book of Home Cookery version. I subbed fusilli for macaroni and topped it with cheese rather than a cheese sauce (which s lucky as my dish wouldn’t have been big enough to hold a cheese sauce too). I’m not sure how authentic peas are in this, though they did give the dish a more summery character. There are a few changes I would make if (or more likely when) I make it again, including the addition of tomatoes (this recipe just used tomato purée) and using a larger oven dish. (No photos because I was too hungry to wait!)

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