Finished Object Friday: cabled jumper

Pattern: Jess’s Birthday Sweater (free!)

Yarn: Hayfield Bonus Aran (a wool-acrylic blend) in a foresty green

Green cable Aran-weight jumper

Green cable Aran-weight jumper

[Sorry about the rather awful photo, the light has been pretty poor today. I guess that’s November for you.]

I’m not sure when I started this jumper, but it has been sitting in an almost-finished state for several months. And by almost finished, I mean that I just had to graft together the underarm seams and sew in the ends (I also had to redo the cast-off as I hadn’t fastened it and a few stitches had become unravelled).

Anyway, I finally sat down and got it done today (having something to blog about is good motivation).

It’s a great pattern; it is only written in one size, but I adjusted it a little to make it slightly narrower.  I also knit it longer than written and made the sleeves slightly wider (as written they would be very tight and I want to be able to wear a shirt under this).  Of course I haven’t written any of my modifications down and now I can’t remember exactly what the changes I made were… Still, whatever they were, they paid off as I’m pretty happy with the fit. I used Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind-off for the cast-off at the neck (it is indeed surprisingly stretchy).

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