Work in progress Wednesday: Coast ripple blanket

The BSJ from yesterday’s post isn’t the only project I want to get finished in November. I started the Coast ripple blanket by Lucy of Attic24 last month. I’m a bit of a dabbler in crochet and I’ve been thinking if making a ripple blanket in seaside colours for a while. When I heard about the coast blanket, which uses Lucy’s Neat Ripple pattern and 15 colours of Stylecraft Special DK, this was a great opportunity as someone else has already done the hard work of choosing the colours and the stripe sequence. I ordered the required yarn as a pack from the Wool Warehouse, where it comes in a very handy drawstring bag, complete with a printed copy of the pattern, including how to do the ripples themselves and add a border, as well as a list of the colour sequence.  The pattern is very clear, with useful photos, so I’d recommend it as a pattern for the novice crocheter. I was also very happy with the customer service from the Wool Warehouse and although I don’t tend to do much of my yarn shopping online, I can see myself ordering from that shop again.

Coast crochet blanket in progress

Crocheting away on my coast ripple blanket

It’s one of those addictive sort of patterns where you want to do just one more row, or one more pattern repeat, or in this case, just one more stripe and so the progress so far has been much more rapid than I’d expected and I’m actually already two-thirds of the way through the stripe sequence. Even though I’m anticipating a much slower rate of crochet over the next few weeks, I should be able to get all the stripes completed, but then I have a lot of ends to sew in and a border to do, so again it’ll be a bit of a challenge to get it done by the end of the month.

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