A November knitting challenge

Or should that be a Knovember Knitting Challenge?

If you’re a knitter familiar with Ravelry (and if you’re a knitter not familiar with Ravelry, I suggest you head on over and sign up, as it’s an invaluable source of knitting knowledge, pattern advice and general yarn-related inspiration), you’ll have come across the Baby Surprise Jacket (or BSJ) by knitting icon Elizabeth Zimmerman. This is an unusually-constructed, practically seamless baby garment. Knitted in 4ply yarn it is apparently the right size for a newborn baby. And as there is a baby due in December who I’ve been meaning to knit some clothing for, I’ve decided to set myself the goal of completing the BSJ this November so it will hopefully be ready in time.

Knitting with pattern book

The yarn is Patons Soft Baby Fab 4ply, because I think the pattern works best in variegated yarns (or stripes, but I find stripes a bit of a faff – too many ends to sew in later) and find a lot of variegated 4ply wools quite scratchy. However, it’s surprisingly difficult to find variegated 4ply acrylic and it took me a while to find this (from the Wool Warehouse). Plus, it’s machine washable, which I think is a desirable characteristic for baby clothes.

I’ve knitted this pattern before and I think it took about a week, but as I’m also working on a few other things I’m reasonably certain it’ll take longer this time.

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