Frittering away the evening

I was hoping today’s post would be a bit of a blast from the past and be a triumphant tale of a new recipe (harking back to 2012’s endeavour). Life often doesn’t work out the way you plan. Luckily, in this case it was nothing more dramatic than disappointing courgette fritters.

I had eggs to use up and a courgette languishing in the fridge? I’ve tried courgette fritters before (using a recipe from Forever Summer by Nigella Lawson) but as they made no lasting impression and I couldn’t remember whether I’d liked them or not, I decided it was worth trying another recipe. Things might have worked out better if I’d actually stuck to a recipe; instead I tried to wing it. I grated some cheddar and the courgette, and squeezed out as much liquid as I could. In a separate bowl, I beat 2 eggs and added a couple of spoons of flour. Then I added the grated ingredients and mixed it together. It all looked a bit too slack, so I added another spoon of flour. Then another. And another. Around that point I lost track of how much flour I’d added, but ended up with something that looked like it would more or less hold its shape in a frying pan. Which it did. I managed to get about 4 reasonably sized fritters out of the mixture. I also fried off some chopped tomato (to add colour, texture and general interest). The problem was that, while it actually looked ok, taste-wise the whole thing was incredibly bland. I’d thought that the cheese would add enough flavour and saltiness, but I hadn’t added anywhere near enough and the whole thing was drowned out by the copious of amount of flour. Things would probably also have worked out better with only one egg.

So I am slightly disheartened, but not so discouraged that I can’t imagine myself making another attempt sometime in the future. Only next time there’ll be much more seasoning.

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