Fish and cakes

It seems that while I’ve been able to manage a new recipe a week more recently, I’m not managing to translate that into blogging about it, so I’ve got a few recipes to catch up on.

I’m still easing myself in, so baking was the way to go, starting with some almond fairy cakes (adapting my standard sponge recipe by adding some almond essence and substituting a quarter of the flour with ground almonds), which I may have slightly under-baked but were good nonetheless.  I also got round to trying the oatcake recipe my friend Helen sent me; these were really easy and tasted pretty good, though next time I’ll cut the cooking time, reduce the oven temperature, or both.   I added some black pepper, which worked well (I’d been eating a lot of salt and black pepper crisps recently, so this wasn’t surprising), but next time I might try making a cheesy version; I’m trying to work out if I can use cheddar or if I should buy some parmesan.

Last week’s recipe was a pasta dish from an old copy of Good Food magazine (from March last year): Spaghetti with sardines, a real store-cupboard recipe, as it uses tinned sardines.  I used fusilli instead of spaghetti, and omitted the parsley (I didn’t have any fresh; it’s a herb that I can’t seem to grow) and capers (I don’t think I have ever knowingly eaten a caper), but I suspect they both would have added a freshness here.  I suspect I’ll make it again though probably not often.  My tip for next time: don’t break up the fish too much.

And to bring us completely up-to-date, this evening I tried cooking kippers, tempted by an offer in M&S.  Admittedly boil-in-the-bag (the fish came in a packet with little pats of butter, and them’s the cooking instructions) might not seem terribly new, but as it was my first time doing anything with kippers, and indeed my first boil-in-the-bag experience, I’m counting it as a new recipe.  And one not destined to be repeated; I have discovered that kippers ain’t my thing.

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