Not enough days in the week

Recently the weather has been rather damp, and it seems to have left me uninspired to try new recipes.  I’ve found, as the year has progressed, that it is harder to keep up with trying one new recipe a week, as old favourites are still old favourites, but now there’s a whole gang of new dinners that I want to incorporate into my standard repertoire. I’ve enjoyed an oriental style oven-baked salmon (and discovered that nam pla smells like something died.  Which I suppose it did), and tried to make some cheesy biscuits for savoury snacks that aren’t crisps (I’m still looking out for a good recipe).  I cooked venison steak for the first time (YUM!  Cooked for the perfect length of time – though I suspect that was luck rather than skill) and tried several different types of sausage from the butcher (which doesn’t really count as trying new recipes but it did involve trying new things, and has encouraged me to cook potatoes more often.  My homemade oven chips still need to be perfected).

In fact, I wonder if it’s time to draw my attention away from dinner and think about lunch.  I’ve tended to find lunch an uninspiring meal, and packed lunches are particularly problematic for me.  Maybe now is the time to bite the bullet and try making pastry (with the ultimate aim of making pasties).  Or to investigate Nigella’s mini meatloaves.

But maybe I’ll just try a new flapjack recipe first…

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