When tea and books collide

Happily, this post isn’t about tea-stained books. Rather, I was contemplating my mug collection (more to the point, I was contemplating buying a new mug and how it would fit in with my existing collection).

I have an extensive collection of mugs, the legacy of my student years.  It’s a rather motley crew, with freebies and carefully chosen presents co-existing happily.  At the moment though, most of my mugs are wrapped in tissue paper and stored in boxes and I currently have only six in active use; four are plain coloured (cream, light blue, darker blue, red – the latter reminding me of the old Nescafe adverts), and two are Penguin book mugs: My Man Jeeves and The Body in the Library.  I’ve somehow fallen into the habit of only using these at weekends which lends a certain sense of occasion to my Saturday morning cuppa.  In both cases, the choice of mug was inspired by being a big fan of the books.  I also have a The Big Sleep mug, which was a much-appreciated gift and an excellent choice given my love of the afternoon nap,  but I feel slightly odd about using it as I haven’t read the book.  As I have a copy on my bookshelf (which matches the mug.  Or possibly vice versa) and this weekend is set to be grey and rainy, maybe I should just get on and read it.

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