My new favourite recipe

Cheese risotto.  Who knew it would be so good?  Cheesy, but using considerably less cheese than macaroni cheese (or at least, the way I make it).  Quick (reassuring, as it was in Nigella Express).  Satisfying.  I still haven’t worked out the best accompaniment for it (tomatoes were nice, but I think something green is also needed), but I have made it three times in the space of a couple of weeks.  I think it’s probably better with leek than spring onion, and I prefer to grate the cheese rather than just chop it (though chopping made less washing up).  Definitely a winner.

In fact, risotto in general seems to be a good thing for me; I recently also tried a spring risotto recipe from a Good Food recipe book (omitting the asparagus but using lots of peas, broad beans and courgette).  I discovered that I actually don’t mind courgette (it’s one of those foods that I think I don’t like). This risotto was a little different as it used basmati rice, but it was still very creamy.  And no cheese in sight!

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