Catching up

So the trying new recipes thing hasn’t been going so well recently.  A few weeks ago I tried the Old-Fashioned Spice biscuits from The Classic 1000 Cake and Bake Recipes.   I was (rightly) suspicious of a recipe that said to bake biscuits containing black treacle until they were ‘firm and golden’; given their starting colour, they would have had to have got lighter to end up golden, and as they weren’t firm after their allotted cooking time I cooked them for a little longer – a foolish move.  The resulting biscuits were rock hard, even when dunked in tea.

Then I had a cold, and didn’t feel much like shopping for ingredients, or cooking, or even eating that much.  I did have a fish curry (I like curries when I have a cold, I think because they actually taste of something.  Plus they have decongestant properties, and I like to think – without any actual evidence – that they kill the germs), which inspired me to try making my own.  But not that week, and that week I didn’t try anything new.  Bound to happen at some point.  Last week I actually made a fish curry, based on the recipe in Nigel Slater’s Appetite.  I’ve not had too much success with making curries in the past, and this was probably the best so far.  Still room for improvement though.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and a week or so ago it turned out I didn’t have any onions.  The only recipe I could think of that didn’t involve onions was macaroni cheese, but I didn’t have enough cheese, so that put paid to that idea. and sent me to my cookbooks, and the breakfast section of Nigella Bites, where I found the Masala Omelette.  Excellent – I had eggs and spices.  Admittedly I didn’t have all the specified ingredients (notably chillies, spring onions and fresh coriander) but Nigella seemed pretty relaxed about what actually went into the dish, so I used what I had (and even included some fresh ginger which I’d bought on a whim over the weekend).  The resulting omelette rather fell apart (my pan was too big) and looked like a dog’s dinner (actually it looked considerably worse than a dog’s dinner, but I think I’d better leave it at that) but it tasted really rather good.  I’ve since tried it again, using 3 eggs instead of 2, and adding spring onions.  It was not the success of the first, though it looked considerably better, so one to continue tinkering with.

I’ve also discovered a good almond biscuit recipe, which makes biscuits with a lovely crumbly texture.  They’re not good dunkers, but are very moreish.  Also, I can quarter the recipe and make them in batches of 6.  Which is good as I wasn’t so good on portion control with these.

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