Reflection week

Last week I was feeling uninspired to try new things; something I had anticipated when I started my New Year Endeavours was that I would want the comfort of the familiar, particularly when it came to food.

In the best tradition of reflective learning, I decided to use the time to think about what, if anything, I’ve gained from the experience so far.

Firstly, I’ve added a couple of new recipes to my repertoire.  Most notable (which surprises me) is bananas baked with spices and sugar which I’ve now made a number of times.  The ginger biscuits have also made a repeat performance.  Both suggest that store cupboard ingredients and rapid preparation time have a lot going for them.

It’s also given me a bit more confidence when I am cooking, be it guessing the amounts I need or just the willingness to try putting different ingredients together and see what happens (on a ‘how bad can it be’ principle).  Trying new recipes often involves buying slightly different food from the usual grocery list, and then there’s usually some left that needs to be finished off; necessity may be the mother of invention, but opportunity alos helps.

As it turned out, I did end up trying something different with my Friday fish; I smeared it with pesto (which needed using up) and topped with breadcrumbs and cheese.  It could have done with being crispy rather than a bit soggy (I should have left the dish uncovered), but it was a perfectly adequate dinner, and a bit more exciting than plain fish.

The next day I made banana cake.  Nigella’s Banana Breakfast Ring is a good recipe (and  was recommended to me when I asked my work colleagues), but if you’re not making the specified ring, you can get a 2lb loaf and 6 cupcakes out of it.

For those interested in the progress on my other New Year Endeavour, so far this year I have bought a pair of brown ankle boots (that rub a bit) and 2 pairs of woolly* tights.  Not every exciting…

*in the sense of resembling wool, rather than being made of it

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