Bananas and other baked goods

After the flurry of new recipe activity detailed in my previous post, I’ve settled down to a more sustainable rate.  Last week’s new recipe came from The Dairy Book of Home Cookery that I mentioned before, and coincidentally was also for fish., this time Cheese-topped Haddock.  While slightly more involved than I’d expected (you had to make a tomato sauce first, then pour it over the fish fillet, rather than just bunging all the ingredients in a dish and shoving in the oven), it was very good, as tomato-sauce coated, cheese-topped dishes are wont to be.  I made two changes to the recipe: I used grated cheddar cheese instead of crumbled Lancashire (this was planned, as the idea of melted Lancashire cheese didn’t appeal) and I omitted the dried thyme (because I didn’t realise I needed it and didn’t have any in the cupboard).  Neither change was to the detriment of the meal.

Also last week I tried baked bananas.  Normally I’m not a big fan of bananas, but I’d bought a couple on a whim and decided to bake them because a hot dessert is comforting on a cold day. First time I added grated nutmeg, cinnamon, some brown sugar and butter to a peeled banana (sliced lengthways), and this was very good.  Another time I tried baking it with bits of chocolate inserted between the skin and the fruit (and wrapped in foil) which was OK.

This week, I’m on more of a baking kick.  I made ginger biscuits, which were very easy and are lovely dunked in tea.  I just need to make sure I use a big enough baking sheet.  I’ve also tried making banana muffins, and yet again have had a homemade muffin disappointment; in an attempt not to over-mix, I ended up under-mixing and these are distinctly floury in places (though a quick google search suggests that I am not alone in this).  One day I will get this muffin thing sorted…

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