Two ways with oats

I love oats.  I’ve always liked flapjacks and I’m a fan of porridge (if not the washing up afterwards).  Ever since I saw a recipe for skirlie – oats and onion fried in butter – in Nigel Slater’s Real Fast Food it’s been something I’ve been meaning to try, and last week it was recipe number 2 in my New Year Endeavour to try a new recipe each week.

I wanted to like it.  Really I did.  But it was just meh.  It’s entirely possible that my version of skirlie was off the mark and that wasn’t how skirlie should be.  Perhaps serving it alongside pork and leek sausages (which were good) but without gravy was a mistake.  There’s a bit of me that wants to try making it again, to be sure.  I just don’t think it’ll accomplish anything more than wasting good oats…

Good oats that could have been used in flapjacks!  This week’s new recipe (new recipe no. 3) was for apple flapjacks.  I had intended to follow the recipe in Jane Clarke’s Body Foods for Life, but I didn’t have quite enough oats (see above).  Instead I used my normal flapjack recipe for the oaty component.  The result – a delicious flapjack with a layer of apple sauce that works like a more portable version of apple crumble.  Note to self: this recipe needs to cook for a bit longer than my standard flapjacks, aka actually follow the recipe on this one.

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