This year I decided that I do not have enough resolve for New Year Resolutions. Instead, I’m going to try New Year Endeavours. I have two:

  1. Buy more interesting clothes. I want to try stepping out of my comfort zone a little, so I’m not planning anything outrageous just to be a bit more adventurous with colours and styles, and not overthink how much I’ll wear something (as I generally seem to misjudge this anyway). I’ll probably still avoid dry-clean only things though.
  2. Try a new recipe each week. I have quite a few cookbooks, and yet I still rely on the same few recipes. While this is vaguely comforting and (crucially) less effort less effort, it can end being a little boring. Hopefully by trying out a new recipe each week I’ll be able to add some more variety and develop some new routines. As I bake most weeks, I planning to try some new cakes as well as dinner options.

In the spirit of Endeavour no. 2 I made Nigella’s Pea Risotto from How To Eat last week, as I realised that I actually had the required ingredients (except the alcohol, which I missed out). I used chicken stock, garden peas in place of the specified petites pois, and a bit too much parmesan. Overall a success, but perhaps a recipe more suited to summer, or a day when winter feels too long and I want to evoke summer. I did take a photo, but it looked like green mush in a dish, which isn’t too inspiring. Perhaps I should endeavour to improve my photography skills too.

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